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UK’s leading sports bra specialist boobydoo have spoken a partnership with the Girls Sports Club.

Boobydoo will wilt the official partner of the Girls Sports Club and support the minutiae and growth of the Girls Rugby Club XV and Girls Cricket Club XI, part of the ground breaking Girls Sports Club which is a joint created by World Cup winners Rachael Burford and Lydia Greenway.



The respective rugby and cricket groups of young leaders in their sports are leading the mission to help to shape their respective sports for girls in the future

Members of the GRC XV and GCC XI are young women with unrivalled passion, dedication and enthusiasm for their sport and  the junior newsy boards have been created to indulge the next generation of the game to have a voice, to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns and aspirations.

Boobydoo will help educate the Girls Sports Club members well-nigh the importance of correctly fitting sports bras that are suited to the variegated their own persons and the sports requirements.



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Charly Wright, Director and Brand Manager at boobydoo, commented; “The Girls Rugby Club and Girls Cricket Club have reverted the game and started to ask the questions that need to be asked in sexuality sport and we are delighted to be partnering with them to protract that development.

“It is vital for us to be listening to the needs and requirements of the girls that are out on the field playing the game but moreover educate them on the importance and impact that having a well fitted sports bra can have on their performance and enjoyment of the game they love.

“We can’t wait to work with the girls and create some ground breaking content for the wider sexuality sports community.”

As part of the programme both clubs will be conducting a sports bra survey with their members to help understand the knowledge gap and support the education requirements.


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Founder of the Girls Cricket Club and former World Cup winner Lydia Greenway added; “Our mission is to provide girls in sport with a platform for progression and help develop individuals and provide them with opportunities that haven’t existed before.  The partnership with boobydoo and the launch of the Girls Cricket Club XI is going to push all of those boundaries.

Premiers 15’s winning captain, World Cup winner and founder of the Girls Rugby Club, Rachael Burford, said; “The Girls Rugby Club XV have once helped shape how the game is developing and this partnership will indulge us to protract that pathway and indulge us to alimony breaking lanugo the barriers in sexuality sport.”

Boobydoo will be providing guidelines and education virtually finding the correct bra for the individual which will be shared for self-ruling in the Girls Sports Club.

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