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Bella Johnson (left), Maddy Reynolds (centre), Rhia Sedha (right)

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MADDY Reynolds has been crowned the inaugural winner of ‘The 1’ following the first nationwide search for cricket’s next number one sexuality all-rounder.

The national competition was unshut to girls weather-beaten 12-18 and is run by former England cricketer Lydia Greenway and her newly launched online coaching platform, the Girls Cricket Club.

The 17-year-old attends the City of Norwich School and plays for Mildenhall Women’s and Ketteringham Men’s teams.

The competition, formulated by former England cricketer Greenway, was comprised of eight variegated challenges which assessed all aspects of cricketing worthiness to help find the weightier all-rounder. Similar to what you see in the NFL Draft:

Longest Throw, Direct Hits, Speed Gates, Upper Catches, Flat Catches, Gap Hitting, Range Hitting and finally Death Bowling.

The tests were designed to not just showcase each contestant’s sturdy worthiness but moreover how they could perform in pressure situations.

During a nail wintry final two rounds, the Norwich schoolgirl smashed the wittiness over the purlieus in the Range Hitting challenge, surpassing bowling the perfect Yorker to win the competition.

Maddy said: “I was very nervous expressly when looking at the competition, and I never thought I’d win. I expressly liked the speciality of stuff worldly-wise to compare our own stats to that of England players on unrepealable challenges. It gives you somewhere to reach to, a next step”

“If you’re thinking well-nigh entering, 100% do it. It’s a unconfined wits and It’s competitive throughout the day. Everyone here thoroughly enjoyed themselves!”

Maddy celebrates with the trophy with Founder Lydia Greenway

The girls weren’t just fighting for the title of England’s weightier all-rounder though, Maddy moreover took home a host of prizes, including: A custom hand-made bat, a 12-month kit sponsorship, 1:1 coaching with top internationals, a training day with a professional women’s cricket team and media training with a leading sports PR agency!

Congratulations moreover go to second place Bella Johnson, who attends Colchester County Upper School for Girls and plays for Colchester and East Essex, and third place Rhia Sedha, who attends Allerton Upper School and plays for Shadwell Cricket Club.

Every girl that took part on the day did fantastically and the standard of competition was extremely high. Watch Maddy’s winner interview below.

Even during its maiden year, the competition had no problem teaming up with some of the biggest brands in cricket. Partnering with footwear trademark Payntr who provided a pair of spikes for everyone on the day, and Kookaburra.

Kookaburra Trademark Manager Stuart Waterton said:

“We were delighted to be worldly-wise to help Lydia her in the search for England’s next all-rounder. We squint forward to meeting the worthy winner Maddy and offering our support over the next 12-months as she seeks to make her way towards the international game.”

The 1 aims to host future competitions in key cricket-playing nations virtually the world as part of an international series culminating in a world championship.

Do you think you’re number 1? If you think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned the number one sexuality all-rounder in England, then register your interest for next year’s competition at the page here.

Click here to see all the final results.

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