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Team Kookaburra are delighted to welcome Maddy Reynolds into the Kookaburra family, without winning ‘The 1’ Cricket Competition.

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‘The 1’ is the brain-child of England legend Lydia Greenway and tests aspiring sexuality cricketers wideness a variety of skill challenges in the search for England’s next ‘match-winning allrounder’.  With 225 appearances for England, including a World T20 and World Cup victory in 2009 and five Ashes series’, Greenway is one of the weightier sexuality cricketers to have played the game. She was among the first to pioneer professional cricket for women, earning a coveted inside contract with the ECB in 2014. Greenway says she is driven to reach girls both with a passion for cricket, as well as those who may not otherwise be exposed to cricket and to provide them with equal opportunities to play the game.

Modeled on the popular NFL Combine in which athletes were put through a series of tests, ‘The 1’ challenged contestants from wideness the UK and Ireland on the three disciplines of cricket – bowling, batting, and fielding.

In the Final, held at Trent Bridge, the competition was stiff, but Maddy proved outstanding and carried off the prize.  Maddy is a true allrounder, enjoying many sports, but cricket is her real passion, and she is hoping to build on her successes and wilt part of the England team in the future.

Maddy, a hard-hitting thrash and fast bowler, is currently studying nonflexible to well-constructed her A-Levels, pursuit which she aims to study PE at University. She is looking forward to a rented summer of cricket as a member of the ECB Eastern Sunrisers EPP, Norfolk Under 18’s, the Mildenhall Cricket Club and Norfolk Rangers and Ketteringham Hall teams.  When she isn’t playing cricket or hockey, Maddy is a lover of Marvel movies, her 1-year-old Labrador puppy Fezzik and can be persuaded to rap in the clubhouse without a team victory!

Maddy visited with Kookaburra older this month to select her equipment for the season & will be using the ‘Beast’ bat, batting gloves and batting pads. “We are delighted to welcome Maddy to the Kookaburra Family”, Kookaburra’s Stuart Waterton commented, “One of the unconfined pleasures we have is seeing players progress through the ranks. It’s really important to us for the next generation of cricketers and we want to work with those players to hopefully help them unzip their dreams and play first matriculation cricket – and hopefully international cricket in the future”.

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